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Love is Like a Fire!

Love is Like a Fire!

Dear Reader

You have come to a place not far from your home.

you have come to a place where love is shared.

you have come to a place where people care about you.


Once upon a time…

No we don’t start this story that way, it is a Love story not an ancient fiction movie.


Love is like a Fire that Burns over and over and over again. Without you needing to start the Fire sometimes the fire starts itself, and when that Happens it can be stopped. We untill now!

Love has Become the “Thing” that People Disrespect the Most, some miss use it and some just ignore it. Strictly speaking Love can Change a Persons life forever with only one Wink of an EYE.

When your Crush Winks at you, what Goes Through your mind? What would you do for Him or Her?

My Point is Rested in Long meadow Grass.


We can get enough, we can give Enough.

Sometimes it feels like we want to scream just to see him or her again.

The eye gouging and neck breaking feeling of despair, will leed you to depression and unrelenting force of Boredom. Guess what you can Change that!

Go out and Meet some people, make friends and Have Fun.

If you are happy and Have a Girl or a Boy that Loves you, good spend Time With Him or Her. Don’t ever take things for granted and think yes She will do it for me or He will get this for me.

In a relationship the Most important thing is Communication and time spend together. Do not assume. Assumptions consume all your attempts and your Love, Leaving nothing for your Soulmate.

::Story Start::

Communication Errors in Text Messages.

Wife: Pumpkin! There is this new car on the Market I would like us to buy.

Husband: Darling what Car is it?

Wife: It is a Red BMW.

Husband: Oky that’s nice what is the Price.

Wife: It cost R320 000

Husband: no love to expensive. See you later Honey. Love you!

Wife: Love you too! See later. Thanks.

Later that day the Husband Gets home and See this new Red BMW in the Driveway, He frowned and thought did she just Bought this Car?

He went inside and Said Hello to His Wife, and Asked what is the Red BMW doing in our Driveway? And She replied:

Pumpkin, You said No Love is to Expensive so I bought it. Thanks Love!

Then He Said:

Oh my Word! No. Love I said NO Love, to expensive. Meaning don’t buy it, it’s to Expensive.

::Story Ends::

Stay Tuned for more of your Stories