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Family is Your Life!

Family what is this?


Family is like Having a President of the Country.

We all Have one, some of us don’t want one, some of us don’t like them.

But we all need them and we are lost Without them.

You can Turn your back on your Family it is okay, if you want to live with that regret and bad feelings and Hate and Discomfort in your life.


People Don’t always want to know the truth, they hide from it, and think they can get away from it. Some of us Even kill the Vibes to get rid of all the Hard feeling of the truth. We are not Going to do this anymore.


One of the hardest things in life you need to face is growing up, Face the Truth, Learn from your Mistakes and become an Adult. Once you are an Adult…

Guess what it still does not End.  The pressure of life hits you and you feel

Vulnerable, dismay, depressed, damaged, broken, lonely, sad, uncared for,

unheard of, useless, mistaken, hopeless, powerless and careless.

On the other hand Life Goes on and No one Will wait for you.

I once Heard it is a Cruel life to make you strong for the Life you once will call a kings living!


Life is Beautiful when it comes to Life. The life you are, is the Life that you Breath. Nothing in the world can Change who you are (Accept Friends) X-D “Smiley” so become who you need to Become and Go on with your own LIFE!


OH and One more thing…

Once you are an Adult and you Live the Life you want and you have a Wife. You Might want to Consider the Cycle of Renewal! (YOUR CHILDREN) The cycle will Repeat itself, and what can you give to your Children to Prevent them going through this that you have?


What Motivates you Most, to be The Person you have BECOME!?