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What Can Benefit You as a Human On Earth

What can Benefit you as a human on Earth

  • Qualities
  • Education
  • Skills Without Education
  • Life Lessons
  • Money
  • Love
  • Happiness


Your qualities in life makes up “WHO” you are as a Person.

Good Qualities as a Human Can Take you from the Point of Non Return for years to come. If you are not specific in what Qualities you want in Life, you can end up not searching for the qualities in Life that you need to Open Real Doors for you in the Future. The doors that can open as an example is New Business Opportunities and Love for a Soulmate. If you do not want the Qualities of Being Nice to Others, How can You Expect Others To be Nice to You? If you want others To love you as a Person Why don’t you try to love them first.

Qualities and Respect Goes Hand-to-Hand. If you have Amazingly Good Qualities one Person Will Have respect for you and the Others will start to Follow what you do closely to become just like you. Qualities Starts by YOU!

The Qualities in Life Makes a Man or Woman Who they are. If you stand next to a Millionaire, Will you Become Rich? Frankly The Answer is no, WHY? Because you have not Searched Hard enough in Life to Find What made Him that Way.

To Obtain Qualities in Life is Easy If you have a Heart and you Have a Brain You can have Qualities in Life. It is Not Rocket Science. But the deepest Heart Desires Makes up your Qualities in Life.


Education? Oky why Education? Well if you are not Educated in life to hold a Frok and a Knife a Certain Way, Not holding the Knife on the Blade or a fork on the mount piece, how will you know how to eat with a Knife and Fork.


If you don’t know How to Make food, Who is going to make food for you? If it is your Spouse yes By all means, but what if that Person who does it for you is no longer there regardless of what reason. Then What will you do? Get a New One ?

Oky So your Educational Level is also Important in life. To be a Human you needed to know there is a range of Numbers that we Use today = 1-9 That number system is Important to all the People in the World. If you don’t Know this you are Most Likely not Human.     ;-p      so  When you consider yourself to be Human you pass the Test of being one, Why for the Simple reason as I have told you, If you Know about the Number System you Are human, If you Know You are Human You Know you have a Level of Education.

To spell Human You Have to Count to “5” That is How Much Letter there is In the Word “Human”. In order to read Human you must be “Grade 1” Which means You will need to Be able to Speak and Count to 1. When you can Count to 1 You Know there is a Number system. so You are a Human with a Educational Level and the Cycle Continues.

::Skills Without Education::

This is Skills you did not obtain with Education like Studying Maths or Science, this is Skills your Mind Obtained By Using his Waves of the Brain to Think for you and Help you Solve Skills.

IQ Scores Normally Explains that very Good. IQ Scores Consists of the Performance of the Mind, and Memory Capacity you Use in your mind. How much data can you Hold in your mind and Process them at the Same time, to form Information to be able to use in your Life or in a Test or Exam or Simply to Just do your Job.

I would like to Add Data is Something that your Mind can Take and Process into Information, But that is not to say you will uses that Information is it? No, So I would like to add Wisdom to it. If you use the Information that your mind has provided you can have Wisdom and Success In Life.

Life Lessons

This is Where the Going gets tough! If you hit your head on something, you Learn a Life Lesson not to Stand up that Fast again or to Know what is in your Surroundings.  Life Lessons can be carried over from generation to generation, with Traditions or just talks about don’t do this. Sometimes if you are me you would like to Test it yourself if you Don’t like it don’t do it again if you  do Like it then it means that it did not word for the others and they did not like it.

Which comes to the Point you are your own Person why go after other people’s lives and trying what they have doen or if they say you will never be Rich Why do you believe it you are your own entity.


Money is sometimes a Dangerous thing to talk about., Some find it hard to talk about and some find it Depressing, Others Find it Worth Wild. But I find it Fascinating.

How many People have you seen Talking about MOney in the Open with someone?

Not Much, If you have Well that is a Good start Remember to Take your Open Mind with so you can Get what they have to offer. Some people if they have a lot of Money they Don’t want to talk about it, If the people have few they also don’t want to talk about it.

The thing that Fascinates me a lot is, everything you do in life has a Price, From the Day you were Born you cost Money to your Parents in order to get you into the World, till the day you Die you Cost others money to Bury you. Fascinating is it not so the thing people don’t want to talk about is the things that Mates Most.

I got told from many people “Money is not Everything, Love is Everything!” , “Money is not Everything, To be wanted is Everything” and I can Go on. The Thing that gets me is If you need to buy Bread or Milk in Order to Survive, will you tell that Shop Owner, I will give you Love and then you give me the Bread Or milk? NO!. or will you give him Money in order to Buy what you need.

Money is Not Everything People Tell me, Did they Know Everything is Money, and Everything costs Money?

Money in whatever Form is a Thing Everyone will use and Will need on this Earth.

ABBA – Money, Money, Money – Watch this Video!


“Love, Love changes Everything, Hands and Faces, Earth and Sky! Love, Love Changes Everything, How you live and How you die!”

Michael Ball – Love Changes Everything – Watch this Video!


You need to be at least happy one time in your life, if that one Thing Made you happy then Search for another thing that makes you Happy to get an idea of what else can make you happy in Life when you are truly happy then No one can get you sad. Well we all have that One friend that will make you sad at some point At Least you have Find something that can make you happy. Happiness is the Key to a Better Life. If you are not Happy then You need to Change what you are doing.

Managing Money With an Open Mind Perspective

Managing Money

Recently I was asked this Question a lot 5 People Come to me and asked How do i manage Money To become How I want to become.


Now all of us know that making good money to life an amazing life is not that easy when you work for a boss and earning a daily pay wage right?


Now I have explain this Theory of making Money and Becoming What you Want to Become by             ‘Doing all you can’        and you        ‘Can do it all‘ Theory.

Now I want you to realize that whatever you are and whoever you are is irrelevant, the reason being is that all Humans have 2 thing in common, and that is LIFE  and LIVE.


On that note I have also decided to make a journal about all the Questions I have been Asked and Answering it here as well.

The main Theory Rules is:

  1. Never, Ever think you are Nothing.
  2. Never doubt yourself.
  3. You can do all things.
  4. Being Positive No matter what.

::Rules Explained::

#Never, Ever think you are Nothing#

Why people think this I am Unsure of But one things is for sure if your Mental Attitude is thinking you are nothing, you will NEVER, EVER BE anything. You are Worth More than anything in the World.

Just consider the following and think about this for a second.











~  HATE  ~



See we are the Species with the most fults! We are considered to be the most intelligent lifeform on earth, but we are as dumb as a rock!
WHY? Because I never saw a Deer being depressed, or thinking of suicide (Well hahaha), or being uncaring, hate other lifeforms, HIMSELF or HERSELF.

So yes we might be the most intelligent because we evolve as fast as Lightning, but we are not other Lifeforms, we are THE LIFEFORM!

We can Construct the Biggest Buildings and Highest Towers. We can Construct the Most Powerful Weapons to Kill, destroy and Murder.

But the ant can also Build his buildings as tall as a tree and make kingdoms underground, but I never saw a Ant that walks around with a 9 Millimeter Pistol and Hunting caterpillars, or even just a stick used as a Spear and throwing it at a  beetle to kill it if the “9 Mil” is to intimidating for him.

In other words, yes we are even more intelligent than the ant that works day and night and never sleep.


So it is Time to get yourself Up and Start Working, Earn Money and Stay out of Trouble




Stay Tuned for the Other Rules Explained.

How To Apply the Knowledge in your Life for Ultimate Wisdom

How To Apply the Knowledge in your Life for Ultimate Wisdom

The things that prevents people to learn or study something they want, is the current Situation Number 1, or Willpower Number 2, or the correct Attitude Number 3.

In this part we will cover this 3 Things that Blocks you from learning new things.

Giving you the correct sight of how to apply new things that you have learned or studied, by knowing and applying these 3 things in you life correctly.



Situations can be defined as barriers and blockades in your life. Overcoming these situations will give you the Upperhand of every thing you take on next. This will make you stronger at the end of the day.

Situations are considered to be in Categories.

  1. Poverty
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Access to Resources


is seen at the top of the pile because not many people have the capital to become who they want to. Poverty in South Africa is Not something we see as a Curse, WHY? Because many of us in South Africa lives in Poverty for no Specific reason but these 2. Willpower and Attitude.

As Warren Buffett said “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”

“If your Willpower is so Broken for Success, you will be broken from the thought of being successful.” by Daniël Van Tonder

The Majority works for Money and have not adopted the Mentality of money working for them. Once you let Money work for you you start to lean on the wall that whispers success in your ears.

Coming out of Poverty is Not easy, as someone once told me  “You’ve got what it take, but it will take everything you’ve got!”. Getting out of Poverty will cost you everything you have (Physically). Becoming Rich will cost you everything you have (Physically & Mentally) This is the difference about getting out and getting out of Poverty for Good.

As you have Probably picked up it links to the same Problems

(1. Willpower     &    2. Attitude)

why people can’t apply the Knowledge they have learned to become Wize.


Your Lifestyle depends on where you come from and who you are and who you were. When you Live like a Rat you will most probably have its Characteristics. When you live like a King, No doubt  you will Rule your life like one.

Your Lifestyle determines your success in life…

Access to Resources

Resources is the Most important but the reason it’s at the Bottom is Because You need to Think about Poverty in a Good way and Stop Negative thinking about Poverty. Your Lifestyle is important when it comes to Access to Resources.

Resources can save your Life or Break you down. 

Positive Thinking     will get you to Your Goals, indirectly opening doors to the resources you need.

Negative thinking     will get you to the Thoughts of your goals, but you will never achieve them. Thus Never even getting near the Opportunities to Obtain the Resources you need to use to and then Applying the Resources to your life, then Resulting in Wisdom to your Life by changing your Situation.


Overcome Your Fears, Bad Habits, Be Strong




Your Willpower determines Your Success and The wisdom you are about to receive.

There is a Major difference to

I want to Become,


I will Become. 

Think about this for a Second……


When you say you Want to Become you Long for it and no actions is taken perfectly to Achieve it.


When you say I will Become  your Life already asks 1. How will I Obtain it, and Says 2. I will do this and that to Become….

The Mind is the Most Powerful thing in life about Human Kind I have seen and Felt. The Mind of Will will get you faster to Success then you wanting to Become successful.

Applying knowledge is the same, Want to Apply Knowledge is Not good enough, You must Want it So bad that you develop a Mental Will to Obtain it. Thus making your Willpower Much more “POWERFUL“.

Become Powerful With you Willpower




Your attitude determines your Punch to Life.

If you want to Become Wize and live your life in Wisdom, you need to step it UP a bit. Climb that Mountain, Reach that Goal, Get that Trophy.

If you want to Become Wize think Wisely. If you want to become Rich Think rich. If you want to Become the Racer in Life don’t be the audience.

If you take ATTITUDE and you want to know What your Attitude needs to be.

The Letters of the Alphabet has placeholders of Numbers from 1-26 = A-Z


A       T       T       I       T       U       D      E

|         |        |        |        |         |        |        |

1       20     20    9     20      21     4       5


If you Count up the Letters Placeholders in Numbers together you will find this.

1 + 20 + 20 + 9 + 20 + 21 + 4 + 5 = 100

This is the only word that Comes up to a 100 with this Method.

So you need:     100%    Positive ATTITUDE to have wisdom and wealth in  life.

ATTITUDE gives the Fastest and Hardest Punch to Obtain Wisdom and Achieve Wealth




  1. Overcome with Power, and Punch
  2. Overcome the Power with Punch
  3. Overcome, Get Power and Punch

If you want to Step things UP, lift your head and Start looking, Lift your feet and Start Running, Lift your Heart and Start Loving, make a way and start Conquering, Become the Eagle and Start Flying, Start Believing and stop Dreaming.

Stay Tuned for more of your Wisdom.

Making a Person a Logical Thinker

Logic is something all people have, but it is a matter of if they use it or not!

In this posts I will be leading people to the logical part of life.

Thinking like a beast, fast on your feet and never look back at the negative past.

You are here now!

It is time to change your life Forever!

Logical Thinking Steps of Performance:

  • Your Attitude:
    1. You need the best possible attitude you can get in order to become what you want to become.
    2. You need to have a great Attitude for the work you will do.
    3. Your attitude becomes what you think.
    4. Your life becomes what your Attitude is.
    5. Your Future Becomes what you make of it.


  • Your Mind:
    1. Your Mind needs a Flush if you want to Succeed to Logical Performance and Thinking Like a Beast.
    2. Your Mind needs to be Positive, you can think about something negative when you want that something so Bad.
    3. Where your Mind is is where your attention is, and the other way around.
    4. Your mind feeds your Life in the Long Run.
    5. Your Body Becomes what you think you are, so what will your Future be if you think towards it.
    6. Your Mind is the Center of your life, what you feed it, that is what Possesses it.


  • Your Wisdom/Knowledge:
    1. Your wisdom can be Measured in a Scale of 1-10, it is basicly what you do in your life from what you have Learned and only you can measure it.
    2. Your Knowledge is the things you learn every day.
    3. Your wisdom needs to be at a place of rest for you to take action in changing it.
    4. Your Personal Experience counts of what you are and what you become, but another person’s Knowledge given on a Silver Platter is the best way of obtaining Knowledge and then applying it in your Life as Wisdom, is what is Called in our terms a Necessity.


  • Your Lifestyle:
    1. You Life is made up of your Lifestyle. If you live like a Pig, chances are you will act like one. If you live like a Rat, chances are you will think like one. If you live like a King, chances are you will act and think like one.
    2. Your Lifestyle is the only thing that will change rapidly once you have Mastered the Way through the Logical Thinking Process and Once you can Think like a Beast on your Feet and Think Like a King towards your Future.
    3. If you Change your Lifestyle you Change Your Life.


Now that You have the Steps and Understanding of Logical Thinking.

Make yourself a deal. And Stay tuned for “How To Apply the Knowledge in your Life to Result in Your Ultimate Wisdom”