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How To Apply the Knowledge in your Life for Ultimate Wisdom

How To Apply the Knowledge in your Life for Ultimate Wisdom

The things that prevents people to learn or study something they want, is the current Situation Number 1, or Willpower Number 2, or the correct Attitude Number 3.

In this part we will cover this 3 Things that Blocks you from learning new things.

Giving you the correct sight of how to apply new things that you have learned or studied, by knowing and applying these 3 things in you life correctly.



Situations can be defined as barriers and blockades in your life. Overcoming these situations will give you the Upperhand of every thing you take on next. This will make you stronger at the end of the day.

Situations are considered to be in Categories.

  1. Poverty
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Access to Resources


is seen at the top of the pile because not many people have the capital to become who they want to. Poverty in South Africa is Not something we see as a Curse, WHY? Because many of us in South Africa lives in Poverty for no Specific reason but these 2. Willpower and Attitude.

As Warren Buffett said “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”

“If your Willpower is so Broken for Success, you will be broken from the thought of being successful.” by Daniël Van Tonder

The Majority works for Money and have not adopted the Mentality of money working for them. Once you let Money work for you you start to lean on the wall that whispers success in your ears.

Coming out of Poverty is Not easy, as someone once told me  “You’ve got what it take, but it will take everything you’ve got!”. Getting out of Poverty will cost you everything you have (Physically). Becoming Rich will cost you everything you have (Physically & Mentally) This is the difference about getting out and getting out of Poverty for Good.

As you have Probably picked up it links to the same Problems

(1. Willpower     &    2. Attitude)

why people can’t apply the Knowledge they have learned to become Wize.


Your Lifestyle depends on where you come from and who you are and who you were. When you Live like a Rat you will most probably have its Characteristics. When you live like a King, No doubt  you will Rule your life like one.

Your Lifestyle determines your success in life…

Access to Resources

Resources is the Most important but the reason it’s at the Bottom is Because You need to Think about Poverty in a Good way and Stop Negative thinking about Poverty. Your Lifestyle is important when it comes to Access to Resources.

Resources can save your Life or Break you down. 

Positive Thinking     will get you to Your Goals, indirectly opening doors to the resources you need.

Negative thinking     will get you to the Thoughts of your goals, but you will never achieve them. Thus Never even getting near the Opportunities to Obtain the Resources you need to use to and then Applying the Resources to your life, then Resulting in Wisdom to your Life by changing your Situation.


Overcome Your Fears, Bad Habits, Be Strong




Your Willpower determines Your Success and The wisdom you are about to receive.

There is a Major difference to

I want to Become,


I will Become. 

Think about this for a Second……


When you say you Want to Become you Long for it and no actions is taken perfectly to Achieve it.


When you say I will Become  your Life already asks 1. How will I Obtain it, and Says 2. I will do this and that to Become….

The Mind is the Most Powerful thing in life about Human Kind I have seen and Felt. The Mind of Will will get you faster to Success then you wanting to Become successful.

Applying knowledge is the same, Want to Apply Knowledge is Not good enough, You must Want it So bad that you develop a Mental Will to Obtain it. Thus making your Willpower Much more “POWERFUL“.

Become Powerful With you Willpower




Your attitude determines your Punch to Life.

If you want to Become Wize and live your life in Wisdom, you need to step it UP a bit. Climb that Mountain, Reach that Goal, Get that Trophy.

If you want to Become Wize think Wisely. If you want to become Rich Think rich. If you want to Become the Racer in Life don’t be the audience.

If you take ATTITUDE and you want to know What your Attitude needs to be.

The Letters of the Alphabet has placeholders of Numbers from 1-26 = A-Z


A       T       T       I       T       U       D      E

|         |        |        |        |         |        |        |

1       20     20    9     20      21     4       5


If you Count up the Letters Placeholders in Numbers together you will find this.

1 + 20 + 20 + 9 + 20 + 21 + 4 + 5 = 100

This is the only word that Comes up to a 100 with this Method.

So you need:     100%    Positive ATTITUDE to have wisdom and wealth in  life.

ATTITUDE gives the Fastest and Hardest Punch to Obtain Wisdom and Achieve Wealth




  1. Overcome with Power, and Punch
  2. Overcome the Power with Punch
  3. Overcome, Get Power and Punch

If you want to Step things UP, lift your head and Start looking, Lift your feet and Start Running, Lift your Heart and Start Loving, make a way and start Conquering, Become the Eagle and Start Flying, Start Believing and stop Dreaming.

Stay Tuned for more of your Wisdom.

How to make Money Online

Making Money Online

Everyone Knows that making money Online is not that easy.


Today I will show you that it is Easy to make money online and how Many Different Ways of Doing so there is.

Making money online is Like Working for yourself in a Business. Accept this is a Business and you Work for yourself but this is FAR more than just That. Doing so you create the opportunity to become Successful in life.

I don’t know about you but I certainly want to become successful in life.


Here are a few things you need:

1. You need something to Give to People and Something you Believe in and                  love.
2.  You need to Offer some time to make your Life easy and have more time                 to make money.
3. Like any other Business you need to work Hard and have Motivation and                 Dedication doing so, then you will Like what you do.



Here is a Image of What you can do to Succeed in the Online world.

By looking at the following Things you can see that most of them is the Business Owner’s (YOU) own work and passion.

If you would like to Know more or have any Questions Please pop me a Like and comment Below and I will try to make a Tutorial for you.


Stay tuned for more of your Business Insight.